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A student is almost always motivated to practice if he leaves his lessons feeling capable," - Frances Clark

My Lessons: Services
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My lesson is ONE HOUR in duration and it involves Keyboard Pedagogy, Theory and Musicianship. An integrated pedagogical approach in piano skills systematically tailored to individual needs and learning styles.

Musician paints pictures not on canvas but in the air, it is essential for children to acquire the skills on how to produce beautiful sound on the instrument (tone production); develop active listening skills (aural) and to interpret musical ideas from the composers so that they can effectively communicate those ideas at ease and paint the pictures accurately for the audience.


Technique is a set of learned tools to assist in producing beautiful sound on the piano at the right time with understanding of time, space and energy. Proper technique promotes consistency in performance.

It involves physical awareness at the piano, understanding of keyboard geography and the ability to choreograph individual's movements to overcome technical barriers. 

Children are kinesthetic or tactile learners. I introduce effective tools right from the start of their musical journey through sensory and rhythmic activities so that they can learn to understand their wrists, arms and body in the most natural way hence relieve tension and ease of playing.

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Interpretation is the musical "grammar" of music. It is the understanding of musical elements and musical concepts which are necessary for decision-making and the proper execution of a piece.

I introduce music theory, sight reading, harmony and music literature in order for the children to be fluent with the musical language. A child's musical vocabulary increases accordingly as he or she progresses towards a higher level repertoire.


Artistry is when musicianship combines with the musical elements and concept, intuitively crafted and expressed through a performance.

My goal is for every child to know how to creatively transmit emotions, story, characters and atmosphere of the music with technical mastery to the audience.

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