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"The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children" - Cheryl Lavender 


My Story ...

My skills and experience have been developed over a long period and include both formal and informal training. I’ve won various awards while I was in the US. I have also taken part in many series of masterclasses and professional development seminars that have helped me reached my current level of instruction. While in the US, I was under the guidance of Dr. David Yeomans, a pianist and pedagogue from Washington State University. He was the first to notice my potential in music and I was given the opportunities to perform as well as took part in many competitions. Through his guidance, I gained entry into Indiana University Jacobs School of Music where I attained a degree in Piano Performance and Music Psychology. I acquired and enhanced my piano skills under the tutelage of two renowned concert pianists, Dr. Alfonso Montecino (1924-2015), a Chilean pianist who was a student of Maestro Claudio Arrau, and Mrs. Luba Edlina Dubinsky (1929-2018) of the Borodin Trio from Moscow State Conservatory. They have imparted their legacy of grace, beauty, humility and artistry which will live on forever in my memories. I sincerely treasure the time and experience during my four performing years at the University recitals and concerts as well as accompanying singers and other instrumentalists. I am truly grateful for my teachers' discipline, generosity and inspiration that had made me who I am today. I love what I do and it makes me happy to share my passion with others. 


Awards, Achievements & Societies

Best Teacher's Awards

2017 onwards

Overseas Performers' Festival is a yearly performing platform for students to showcase their talents. OPF  honours and recognises the teachers' contribution and exceptional work on their students.

Other Achievements  post 2000


Received the Dalcroze Eurhythmics Foundation Award from Dalcroze Australia (DEIEB) 

Awarded the Hedy King  Robinson for ABRSM Theory 

US Awards

pre 2000


Award Winner for the MTNA Piano Competition

Award Winner for the Spokane Arts Festival Piano Competition

Nominated for the Golden Key National Honours Society



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