All About Me ..

Since starting as a professional piano instructor in 2000, I have been privileged to see so many students discover their natural skills and abilities in playing the piano. Some students have become music teachers themselves. 

My teaching philosophy is inspired by Maestro Claudio Arrau whom I quote "I look upon teaching as a moral obligation. I feel it is my duty to pass what was given to me. What I give, I do it with great love".

I always believe that the opportunity for creativity is endless. Teaching becomes a voyage to seek those possibilities and to concentrate on delivering the methods and tools for my students, hence keeping my lessons engaged and entertaining.

Throughout my teaching years, I have learned as much from my students as they have learned from me. I always encourage my students to engage their perspectives during lessons and I am constantly inspired to stay up to date on the latest teaching resources and methodology.


My goal is to guide students to discover their capabilities on the piano, to help them develop creativity, awareness and the breadth of musical language and to provide them with the performance opportunities to build courage and confidence.

While in the US, I was under the tutelage of Dr. David Yeomans who is a great pedagogue and pianist at Washington State University. He was the first to notice my potential in music. Every student needs a teacher to believe in them. Due to his influence and guidance, I gained admission to one of the best music school in the US.

As a Piano Performance and Music Psychology graduate of Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, I was mentored by renowned concert pianist and composer Dr. Alfonso Montecino (1924-2015) and pianist Mrs. Luba Edlina Dubinsky of The Borodin Trio. 

I am truly grateful for my teachers' discipline, generosity, unceasing guidance and encouragement that had made me who I am today. I love what I do and it makes me happy to be able to share my passion with others. I am a friend on your journey. Let's walk together!


- Best Teacher Awards for Overseas Performers' Festival (OPF) 

  Singapore (2017-2020)

- The Dalcroze Foundation Certificate, Australia

- Hedy King Robinson Award for ABRSM THEORY

- Award winner for the MTNA Piano Competition (USA)

- Award winner for the Spokane Arts Festival Piano Competition (USA)

- Nominated for the Golden Key National Honours Society (USA)

- Member of SMTA (Singapore Music Teachers' Association) 

- Member of The Musique Loft

- Member of Dalcroze Singapore

Purwati Sundjojo